I believe that you've already got everything that you need within yourself

My role is to help you uncover it


Have you had a recent loss or life change that is distracting you from your day-to-day life? Do you sometimes feel too sensitive for this busy world? Do you find yourself struggling with anxiety at work or at home? Are you finding parenting challenging? Or are you tired and down?

I can give you tools to support you through any of these challenges. Together, we can dive deep into what you are experiencing and help you find new ways to get through some of the harder parts of life.


My clients and colleagues describe my approach as sensitive, funny, accepting, and playful.

I will support you through your healing process and in discovering the emotional nourishment that you need. I can help you begin to learn what you need in order to thrive. I can help you to find ways to be more honest with yourself and with those in your life.



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